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You Can Make Valentine's Day 2022 Your Best Yet

Is there something missing in your love life?

Do not let another unfulfilling Valentine's Day slip by with you going to bed unsatisfied.

What if there was a way to invite passion and love into your life?  Love deeper and unconditionally? Feel worthy of love and open yourself to happiness?

This is a story I never planned to share...

Your Pathway to a Satisfying Love Life Through Rose Quartz

I know, it sounds sounds crazy. 

And if it didn't happen to me I wouldn't believe it either.  

But here I am with an adoring husband who is straight out of my dreams and growing deeper in in love every day.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, lets back up.

"Excuse me, is everything all right?"

I look up to see the stewardess' concerned face.  I don't even have to glance around as I can feel the eyes of the rest of the flight on me.  

I am flying home after another break-up.  But this one is the big one.  The on-again off-again one with the boy you liked since grade school.  You finally thought you worked it out and defiantly moved out of state to be with him.  

And you get unceremoniously dumped.  In your heart, you know its final.

Rose Quartz can heal your prior heartache and open you up to love

The uncontrollable swells of emotions wash over you like waves and you spontaneously cry.  You can't predict when and you can't stop it.

Like when you are 20 mins into a 4-hour flight on a crowded plane back home.  And you ask yourself "how you gave all your emotions to someone who was so cold in telling you it was all over"?

"Can I Crash With You?"

Not a lot changes when you leave home.  There is some new construction, but the core of the town feels the same.

But when you never planned on coming back, you don't stay in touch with your friends as you should have.  Picking up the phone and asking a favor from someone you haven't talked to in months is scary.



"Hey, are you there? I can't hear you."

And before you know it, it all comes out.  I haven't talked to anyone about what has happened over the last 3 days.  Just silently packing what I could.  I didn't even tell my supportive & wonderful family I was coming back.  I wasn't ready to answer the questions.  I still needed time to process it all.

The only person I could think to call was Nicole.  She has been a friend since grade school even though we ended up at different high schools in different groups.  She is the type of friend you could not see for months and pick up right where you left off.

And she also was bad at love.  She would understand and let me have my space to work through this.  I open my mouth to say hi and everything comes pouring out.

"Can I crash with you?", I ask finally.

"Of course"

When Have You Ever Worn Pink?

Engaged?  Since when?

Apparently a lot has happened since I left.

Nicole has found someone and if truly head-over-heels.  She doesn't want to share seeing my current situation, but I pull it out of her...honestly anything to take my mind off my situation for a few would be a welcome relief.

Police officer from a good family who surprises her with flowers.  He planned anRose Quartz can help you manifest your dream love lifeelaborate proposal with the help of his fellow officers.  And he wants kids.

There are 2 things that catch my attention during all of this.  Nicole is not the closed off and sarcastic girl I remember.  Joy and emotions are flowing from her.  She is warm and genuine.  

And two, she is wearing a pink bracelet.  I have never in my lifetime of knowing Nicole, seen her in pink.

A few days go by, and I am eating fresh made pancakes and fruit salad before driving back to my parents.

"Seriously Nicole, you are like a completely different person.  Home-made pancakes?  I have never seen you this happy.  So happy you are even wearing pink"


"Sorry, I was just joking.  It's just when did you ever wear pink?"

Nicole seems to be deeply contemplating something.  I certainly didn't want to offend her, especially as she has been such a wonderful host. 

I get ready to apologize again but Nicole says "Listen.  This is going to sound crazy, but..."

"I'll take that one"

As I admire the gorgeous diamonds in front of me, I still can't believe how much life has changed this last year.  

For weeks after I moved back into my old bedroom at my parents, the only time I left the house was to drive to McDonald's to get the $1 ice cream cone.  Or if my parents asked me to go to the movies for their weekly date night.  (Yes, my parents have weekly date night still after all these years.  And yes, this is what my life had become).

Rose Quartz can help you manifest your dream love live

Not even a year later, I am putting together a custom engagement ring with my future husband.  Tall. Disarmingly funny. Athletic. Successful. And looks like Ryan Gosling or  Thor depending on his beard & hair.  What a rollercoaster its been...

"Well, that isn't traditional" 

I am snapped out of it by the jeweler.  "Sorry, what was that?"

"I said that isn't a traditional choice for stone, but it'll match your bracelet" he repeats.


Meditation just hits different.  And as a Mama, it helps keep you centered.  

At the start of your spiritual journey it can all sound like crazy talk.  But as your continue along the path, you eventually unlock a deeper connection between yourself and the world around you.

I am sitting in the back of class, finally starting to clear my mind of all the tasks I need to do for my kids.  Did I sign her up for gymnastics yet?  School needs that check...No. Stop. Meditate.  Breathe in.... O no, its my Grandma's birthday next week. 

I look around, everyone else looks so peaceful.  Maybe I do need to get one of these crystals, it seems like it works for everyone else.

My mind goes back to what the instructor was saying at the beginning of class.  Usually I zone out while the instructor is discussing the crystal of the class.  What was he talking about today.  Rose something.  Rose Quarts. Rose Quartz.  What did he say about it.  Something something heart chakra...Healing heartache...Inviting and attracting love...Open to deep emotional connections...

O, I'll worry about it later, I need to calm my mind.  Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Breathe in. Hold.

My mind suddenly flashes back to a moment that I hadn't thought about in years.

"This is going to sound crazy, but..."

Nicole's mom had always seemed "out there" when we were kids.  She would grow plants no one ever heard of and burn them in her house.  She would listen to music of people chanting.  And she had an oil for everything.  

So when Nicole told me that her mom made her promise to wear this pink bracelet everyday for a year I wasn't surprised.  I was surprised that Nicole followed through on it, but magical bracelets were right up her mom's alley.

I had just made a joke with a mouthful of pancakes that Nicole, the edgy, tough, sarcastic girl, was being warm woman wearing a pink bracelet.  I was worried I offended her, but turns out she was just trying to decide if she was going to finally tell someone this story.

"This is going to sound crazy, but...I really think this bracelet changed my life"

The story that followed was unbelievable.  As in I didn't believe it.  She just had another bad break-up, her mom made her promise to wear a bracelet, and then she got blindsided...

As in a car blindsided her in an intersection and wrecked her new jeep...

As Nicole finished giving her story to some old, balding town cop she heard a voice behind her say "So what are you, like into yoga or something?". 

Not a smart move guy.  Nicole is the girl who will eviscerate a man for an inappropriate pick-up attempt and today is not the day and time.  She spun around to absolutely lay into this guy and... all she could muster was a meek "umm not really, why?".  

Rose Quartz will manifest your deepest romantic desires

Staring at her was a gorgeous cop with dark features and even under the uniform and vest you could tell had a great build. 

"That looks like a hippie bracelet" He said motioning towards her wrist. 

He kept her company till the tow truck came and the time just flew.  They said bye and Nicole climbed into the tow truck.  Looked down at the pink stones..."aww hell, she climbed back down and gave the officer her number".

What Do You Have to Lose?

It was weeks after Nicoles's story and I just got back from being the 3rd wheel on my Dad & Mom's movie night.  ughhh.  It's still early and I text Nicole to see if she wants a drink.

As I fill her in on the last few weeks of McDonald's cones and wallowing, she gives me a little package.  

"It's the bracelet.  I don't know if its truly lucky, but maybe it'll help you too.  I mean, what do you have to lose?"

I mean, I didn't have much to lose...I got home, took a good look at the bracelet, and immediately threw it on my desk.  I dislike pink as much as Nicole used to.

Is that Lou?

Months go by and Nicole has invited the other bridesmaids and me out to meet each other. I am getting ready and...crap I should wear that bracelet.  She has been busy wedding planning so I haven't seen her since she gave it to me.  I know she is going to ask if I have worn it.  

I throw it on and head out.

I try to put on a happy face and make conversation.  But honestly, I am waiting for the night to be over.  Nicole walks over and asks "Hey is that Lou from High School?"  Lou comes over and we all catch up a bit.

Lou checks his phone and excuses himself.  "I need to go find my boy, he just got promoted at work and we are having a drink to celebrate".

Behind me I hear a "Heeyyy Brother, I stop for some gas and you pick up a whole wedding party", before I turn around Nicole is already discretely jabbing me with her finger. 

Rose Quartz can bring the love of your life into your reach

I don't even turn around.  I am not in the mood.  Lou excuses himself from the group and the two of them walk to the bar.  

Nicole turns to me.  "Lou's friend looks literally like every actor you ever had a crush on.  Go talk to him."  

"Not happening."  

She grabs my hand and looks at my wrist.  "Nicole, honestly, I only put this on tonight in case you asked."

The night went on.  Lou and his friend make it back over, and Nicole was right, his friend was shockingly attractive.  Lou was a few grades behind me, but known as the class clown.  The 2 of them are making the entire bridal party crack up.  I stay off to the side but the longer he is there, the more at ease I feel.

She Does Smile

I forget what he said, but it made me laugh my first laugh in months.  He turns to me, grins, stares right in my eyes and says "so she does smile".

Damn, those eyes are blue.

He slides a little closer and asks my name.  Wow, did I not even introduce myself?  He's been here for an hour by now I think to myself.  

We start talking and the conversation just flows.  I never open up to someone so quick.  What is going on?...

"That's Not a Traditional Choice"

I take another breathe in at meditation class.

What a happy memory. The night I met my future husband we sat outside the bar and talked for hours before getting some coffee and saying good-bye.  He texted me a few hours later and asked if I wanted to grab some dinner.  We have seen each other everyday since meeting.


Another memory flashes.  I am at the jeweler picking out my custom engagement ring.  My husband knew I had strong opinions on engagement rings and proposed with his best guess at what I wanted and fake diamonds.  He tries but fashion isn't his thing.

I thought I knew what I wanted.  But as the jeweler showed all the diamonds, my eye just kept being drawn to a stone behind him.

"How about that pink one back there?"

"Pink?  You feeling allright?" My husband asks.

"That's not a traditional choice, but I could make your ring with it" the jeweler stated.  

"I know, but I just feel like that stone would look nice in this setting with rose gold".

Rose Quartz And Unconditional Love

After that meditation class I went home and searched for Rose Quartz.  The stone for:

  • Unblocking your Heart Chakra
  • Healing Heartache
  • Opening you up to Love
  • Developing a deeper unconditional love
  • Helping with anxiety and past trauma

It can't be, I think.  

Rose Quartz Bracelet

I go to my closet and start digging through receipts.  A diamond-cut Rose Quartz engagement ring. 

I text Nicole.  "Hey, what was that pink bracelet you gave me?". 

"Hey Stranger.  Rose Quartz maybe.  Why?" came the reply...

The Rose Quartz Bracelet

Is this entire story one of coincidence?  

Could a Rose Quartz Bracelet really help Nicole & I find our husbands?

Rose Quartz Bracelet with a Heart Pendant

This experience was compelling enough for me to continue my journey into the power of healing crystals.  I dove deeper into meditation and how to manifest your intentions. 

The more we have used crystals in our daily rituals the more we believe they help you resonate with the Universe.  

We truly believe that our heart was more open to love the night we met our husband because of that bracelet. 

We also believe our intuition was driven by divine intervention to choose a engagement ring to symbolize deeper unconditional love. 

Making Valentines Day 2022 The Best Ever

Our story involved a bracelet, but Rose Quartz comes in many different forms.

Rose Quartz is an amazingly versatile stone for heading into Valentine's Day whether you are: 

  • Looking for new love
  • Looking to recover from past relationship trauma
  • Trying to re-ignite the passion in your current relationship
  • Or continue growing a deeper unconditional love   

And best of all, Rose Quartz comes in many forms so you can find one that best fits your life.

Rose Quartz Obelisk



You use Rose Quartz Obelisks  as part of crystal grids or meditation. 



Rose Quartz Heart


Holding Rose Quartz hearts and stones in your hands will help you manifest your intentions. 



Romance Stones


There is even a pack of 5 stones that each help you unlock a deeper romantic connection to your lover.


What do you have to lose?

We warned you upfront that this story was unbelievable.  

One bracelet being worn by 2 different women the same time love literally walked into their lives.  It was literally the conversation starter used by Nicole's future husband.  And who knows if she would have gotten out of the tow truck if she didn't have the visual reminder on her wrist.  

And the one time I wore the bracelet, my dream man came into my life.  

Rose Quartz can help you manifest your dream man

I didn't even mention, my husband later told me why he fell for me that night.  I went from shut down to being completely open to him.  "I have never had someone who was so authentic as you were in that moment.  I could feel you opening up for me"

Did the rose quartz open up my heart and allow the Universe to provide me with what I needed?

You'll never know.


But what do you have to lose?