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5 Best Crystals for Halloween

Dear Mama,

Halloween is coming up.  It used to be the last time to throw on something tight and short before winter.  But now your a Mama and Halloween has turned into a chaotic whirl of finding trendy Disney costumes and avoiding all the extra candy.  

Why don't you take some time this year for yourself.  We have just the thing you need to recharge heading into the holiday.  

What is Halloween?

Halloween is based on a pagan holiday Samhain which was a time of endings & beginnings.  It marked the period before winter where nature 'dies' before being reborn in the spring.  

This is also why Halloween is full of ghosts and ghouls as it is the night of the year where the veil between the living and the dead is most easily passed through.  

For those of us with high empathy and alignment, we can feel the spirits in the air.  

As such, Halloween crystals are here to provide safety and protection while helping you to emit the positive vibrations that good spirits are drawn to.

If you find Halloween draining, it is likely because your energy is attracting the negative spirits instead.  

Traditionally, Halloween was one of the most sacred times of the year and people used it to cleanse yourself.  It is also a good time to connect with spirits of loved ones to heal old wounds or seek guidance.

So this year, in between the costumes and candy, find some time for a ritual with these crystals to get your energy resonating in alignment with good vibrations.

1) Black Tourmaline: Protection

Black tourmaline is a crystal of protection and solace.  And it is particularly charged around the Halloween season.  The energy of the spirit world calls for this protection stone to work overtime.  

Black Tourmaline Protection Bracelet

As a grounding crystal, Black Tourmaline will connect you deeply with the Earth and help provide you stability during all the hustle and bustle.  

And Black Tourmaline is especially strong as a psychic protection stone when you are in stress-inducing environments or surrounded by negative thoughts.  Protection stones are tremendous at repelling negative energy to keep you feeling positive and focused.

You can't bring positive energy into a space occupied by negative energy.  Therefore, you need Black Tourmaline to absorb all the negative energy first.

2) Clear Quartz: Healing

Quartz is known as the "master healer" crystal.  It amplifies the intentions of any crystal around it.  Quartz is a mainstay in any crystal ritual for this ability to multiply the energy of the ceremony.

Crystal quartz contains the entire color spectrum and transforms the energy of light into beauty.  It is also able to increase your energy flow by taking your energy and transforming it into beautiful positive vibrations.  

3) Amethyst: Calmness

Let's fact it Mama, Amethyst is one of the most multi-faceted crystal in our arsenal.  Not only is Amethyst a stone with protective energy, but it is on a stone that works on your 6th and 7th Chakras.  This is the stone that helps your

Amethyst Ascension Bracelet

conscious mind connect with your spiritual self. If you want to access the spiritual world, Amethyst is your secret weapon.

The regal purples of Amethyst help bring a calming and meditative energy.  Amethyst has been used as part of meditation rituals for millennia for a reason.  Not only because of its power to help you ascend, but for its ability to keep you calm as you navigate your inner self and the metaphysical world.  

4) Fluorite: Positivity

Fluorite is one of the most under-utilized stones around.  Not only is it absolutely gorgeous (Seriously Mama, Fluorite's greens, blues, and purples are to die for!!!), but it is one of the most powerful crystals around.  

Fluorite is aFluorite obeliskble to obliterate negative energy from your body while also flooding

you with positive and healing vibrations.  

Fluorite has been known to get you into a flow state of focused, and unlimited energy.  It can absorb the negative energy that makes you feel lethargic and lazy.  Fluorite helps you find a harmonious balance with all things in your life. 

Do you need to be productive, organized, and full of positive energy?  Then you need Fluorite.

5) Carnelian: Courage

Carnelian is a wonderful orange stone know for both its healing and providing courage.  Ancients used Carnelian to help timid speakers be more eloquent and bold in social settings.  And warriors would wear it around their necks for courage and power.  

Sounds perfect for the warrior Mama in you, as you go off to battle the crowds and wrangling the kids this Halloween.

Carnelian is also a warmth stone.  It will generate its own positive energy which will help round out the protection and calmness stones above.  Carnelian is also a stone that resonates with the Halloween season.  A "bloodstone" that enhances the flow of life force.  

(Note - You can get our Quartz, Amethyst, and Carnelian in a single healing stone kit (along with Rose Quartz and Sodalite).

Conclusion - Crystals For Halloween

There you have it Mama.  This Halloween season, make sure to protect your energy, connect with the influx of spirit energy, and keep yourself vibrating at a good positive frequency.  

You now know 5 stones that can help you accomplish these goals.

We hope you and your family have a splendid, but spooky, All Hallow's Eve this year.  

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