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5 Crystals to Enhance Your Next Tarot Card Reading


Dear Mama,

Who among us doesn't love a Tarot card reading?  The anticipation builds as you sit down at the table, your mind racing at what sorts of mysteries and guidance you are about to receive.  We love it so much, we even enjoy pulling out our own oracle deck and doing a little self-divination from time to time.  

Did you know you can use crystals to elevate your next Tarot reading? 

It's true!!!

Crystals help you tap into a higher frequency and can unblock your energies allowing you to connect deeper with your deck.  The right stones can even block out residual noise in the space to prevent other energy from interfering with your reading.

Most important, anytime you expose your aura when making divine connections, especially in a place that is brimming with spiritual energy like a tarot card reader's, your bright essence will attract negative spirits.  You always want to bring protection...and in this case, the right crystal can protect you by dispelling negative energies.

We always bring our Fab 5 Tarot crystals with us for all our readings, and as we just scheduled our end-of-the-year session, we wanted to share with you!!!

Here are 5 crystals you can use to have an even better next Tarot Card Reading: 

1) Angel Aura Quartz: Connect with Your Spirit Guide

Why Angel Aura Quartz?

Angel Aura Quartz is a superstar crystal for your reading.  This triple-threat stone 1) Invites your spiritual guides to amplify your energy, 2) Further boosts your intentions through the Quartz base, and 3) Helps you to divine the higher meaning of your reading.


Twist our arms and make us choose 1 stone only to hold ruing a reading, and you are looking at her (luckily you don't have to choose just one!!!) 

Angel Aura Quartz is the ideal stone to bring to a Tarot or Oracle Reading


Angel Aura Quartz Deeper Dive

Angel Aura Quartz invites in spirit guides & angels to help guide you.  You want to bring as much positive energy into your Tarot reading and a piece of Angel Aura Quartz is going to help you get the most out of the experience by helping you access all your spiritual guides. 

This crystal will also help you open up to source and divine wisdom.  Getting the most benefit from your reading involves both having a successful reading by showing up with lots of positive spiritual energy and being able to internalize & understand that message.

Being made with Quartz, you get the benefit of the 'Master Healer' stone that amplifies and empowers your intentions while absorbing negative energies clearing your space.

Not to mention this is the most amazing iridescent rainbow of colors you will see in a crystal.   

2) Amethyst: Deepen Your Divination

Why Amethyst?

Likely no surprises here, Amethyst is a super star for unblocking your Third-Eye Chakra to help with intuition and interpretation.  This will help you get a clearer reading and also better internalize the messages you receive during the reading.

Amethyst Obelisk for Tarot Card Reading

Amethyst is the quintessential stone for all things relaxing and meditating as well as connecting your Third-Eye and Crown Chakras.

Amethyst Deep Dive:

Amethyst is a tranquil stone and you can't help but feel peace when looking at the gorgeous deep, regal, purples of the stone.  It is no mystery why Amethyst has been the quintessential meditation stone for thousands of years.

Amethyst also can absorb negative energies from within, negating stress and anxiety.  When you are in your Tarot reading, you don't want inner doubts and worries clouding your connection to the cards.

Amethyst also connects your Third-Eye and Crown Chakras opening the communication between your spiritual self and your intellectual mind.  This will allow you to better process the message from the cards, internalize it, and get ready to implement them going forward.

Also, there isn't many purple stones so how do you say no to this gorgeous crystal?

3) Black Tourmaline: Dispel Negative Energies

Why Black Tourmaline?

Black Tourmaline keeps you safe from outside negative energy and is particularly adept at dispelling negative energy while you are in a high-level intuitive state, like sayyyy....during a reading. 

When you are opening yourself up to divination and energies, your aura is shining bright which attracts all energy like moths to a flame.  This is great for drawing the positive energy needed for your reading, but also attracts negative energy, so keeping a piece of Black Tourmaline with you to dispel those negative energies is great.

Black Tourmaline for protection during your tarot reading

You can feel the strong, protective energies from this dark black stone.

Black Tourmaline Deeper Dive:

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones to protect and heal you.  You can't help but feel the power when handling this stone.  And it has the ability to dispel negative energy easily.

Neat fact - Real Black Tourmaline is pyroelectric, meaning it will produce electricity when heated…Truly an energy-packed stone.  We LOVE when our intuition and experience can be backed up with science as well.  

A Black Tourmaline Obelisk can help ground you and is tied to your Root Chakra, keeping you grounded.  Not to mention it is specifically known to protect you from psychic attacks and shield you from harm in all manners; Mental, Spiritual, or Physical. 

Any disharmony in the Tarot Reading space will be negated, cleansed, and turned into positive energies.


4) Selenite: Clear Your Space

Why Selenite?

Selenite keeps the space clear and keeps extraneous energies out.  Especially as you have an open flowing aura, you don't want outside energy to latch onto you and cause issues down the road.  Selenite will keep those energies at bay and keep your aura clear and vibrant.

Additionally, residual energies can cloud the reading by causing interference with your connections to the cards.  We have found this to be especially true when you go to a Tarot Reading.  Those rooms are brimming with residual energies from previous readings if the practitioner isn't smudging or cleansing the space properly between readings. 

Bringing a piece of Selenite with you can bring a little added protection for a better reading.

Selenite Bracelet for continual protection
We like the Selenite Bracelet for around the clock clearing of any negativity from our Aura.  We believe the energy you put out in the Universe is returned to you, so always want to radiate with positive vibrations.

Selenite Deep Dive:

Selenite works quickly and effectively when it comes to absorbing energy as well as unblocking any energy that is stagnant.  It is known as the 'Universal Cleanser' and is also linked to the angelic realm, purity, and wisdom.  

Selenite purifies the soul and brings harmony & peace to the spirit.  It is a high-energy and high-vibration crystal, that cleanses your auras and absorbs negative energy.

Selenite also works on your Third-Eye and Crown Chakras to improve your self-reflection, improve your mental clarity, and achieve emotional balance.

5) Clear Quartz: Amplify Your Intentions

Why Clear Quartz:

Another versatile stone, we LLLOOOOVVVVEEE our Clear Quartz as the master healer and master amplifier stone.  

Clear Quartz is going to amplify your energy and help get your intentions across very clear to the cards.

As the master healer, Clear Quartz will help you absorb and heal from any undesirable news you receive from the cards.


Clear Quartz the master amplifier stone for Tarot Readings
The 'master amplifier' and 'master healer' stone will amplify your intentions and improve your connection to the cards


Clear Quartz Deep Dive:

Nearly ever ancient civilization that came in contact with Clear Quartz recognized it for its metaphysical properties.  It is another stone linked to the angelic realm, guidance, and awakening of the intuition.

However, Clear Quartz is most known as being an amplification stone.  It amplifies other stones around it and amplifies your own intentions as well.  When going to a reading or anytime you are using crystals, adding Clear Quartz is a fabulous idea for this ability to make your other crystals that much more impactful.

And guess what, this is another stone with scientific backing, as it has piezoelectric properties, meaning it can transform heat into electromagnetic energy.  Storing energy and releasing it in other forms.


5 Stones for Your Next Tarot Reading

There you have it Mama, the 5 stones to bring to your next Tarot or Oracle Card Reading.  Combined these 5 stones will provide you with a better connection to the spiritual realm, improve your ability to interpret your reading, and create a clean aura of positive energy while dispelling any negative energy.

Bringing all (or a combination) of these 5 stones will result in getting the best reading you have ever received.  

We also like to bring a smudge stick to our readings and have the area smudged before our reading starts.

Smudge Stick to clear the area of any residual & negative energies before a Tarot Reading
Nothing sets the stage for a reading like clearing the area of negative energies and any residual energy that is hanging around.



Smudging cleans a space of negative energy. This is especially helpful if going to your Tarot Reading as the practitioner likely uses the same space and residual energies from previous readings can hang around and impact your reading.


There you have it Mama, all the tools to have your best Tarot Reading yet. Once your reading is done, you can use the information to set your vision and intention for next year. We find readings extremely helpful in aligning ourselves onto the path the true authentic us wants to travel and set year-long intentions to manifest in t he weeks after a reading as we continue to meditate on it.

Here to a Fabulous year Mama!!

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