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6 Best Crystals For St. Patrick's Day 2022

 Dear Mama,

St. Patrick's Day is right around the corner.  It is time for everyone to 'be Irish'.  This is a great time to embrace the luck, wealth, and abundance that the holiday is known for.  Luckily for us, there are crystals for just those reasons.  So what are the 6 best crystals for St. Patrick's Day?  

1) Green Aventurine - Luck & Abundance

If there is one stone that perfectly encapsulates the St. Patty's season, it is Green Aventurine, the Luck Stone

(We wrote a deep dive on Green Aventurine here).  

Green Aventurine is the Perfect Stone for Saint Patrick's Day

 First, we love how the Universe always matches the energy and vibrations of all.  We make a holiday for luck, wealth, and abundance and fill it with characters, symbols, and colors.  Our innate connection to nature has us choose colors that the Universe has embedded with the same energies.  

Green Aventurine is a beautiful green stone with gold flecks, matching perfectly to the green & gold of the Saint Patrick season.  

Green Aventurine is a stone for luck & wealth.  It is full of winning energy and can help in any situation you need additional luck and positive outcomes.  Traditionally, it is thought of as monetary fortune, but really it can be any situation you could use a positive outcome.

St. Patty's day is also about having fun and being happy.  Green Aventurine brings abundance which helps with happiness and confidence.  This crystal will help you take a chance and reap the benefits of your actions.


2) Sunstone - Positive Energy

Sunstone is connected to the energy of the sun.  It brings positive, high-vibration energy to your entire body.  Sunstone is the crystal to work with if you are stuck in a rut and need to find some fiery energy and zest for life. 

Sunstone is a luck stone for St. Patty's Day

The St. Patty's celebration encapsulates that zest for life.  Many holidays are for more solemn and grateful time with close family and friends.  Saint Patrick's day celebrations have evolved into a big happy party.  It involves going out and meeting strangers and having fun.  

Sunstone brings the uplifting energy that will help you find your passion and excitement.  If you aren't looking forward to going out and enjoying the day, working with sunstone can change your energy.  

Sunstone crystal is used heavily when someone feels like they are dragging through life and running on auto-pilot.  So if you are not the type to typically go out and meet people, this is the crystal you need for the holiday this year.  This crystal will remind you that life is meant to be lived and be enjoyed.

3) Amazonite - Prosperity

Amazonite is another green stone, although not exactly the deep green associated with the Saint Patrick Holiday.  

Amazonite is a prosperity stone for St. Patricks Day

Amazonite is a more soothing stone.  It radiates with 'blue calming' energy and fills the air with positive vibrations.  However, amazonite encourages you to adventure, love, and be free.  It is tied to the throat chakra and helps open your ability to communicate.

Amazonite is a great compliment to sunstone.  Where the sunstone brings fiery positive energy, amazonite is more calming positive energy to level it out.  Both stones encourage going out, adventuring, and expressing yourself in an empowering way.  

Amazonite also helps to dispel any negative energy you are holding.  When you are able to remove negative energy you make space for positive energy to flow in to the void.  

Amazonite is a reminder that you control your own destiny and are pursuing your own path.  Amazonite is another stone that aligns with the holiday by bringing positivity and outgoingness to you.  Going out and having an adventure with a positive energy has become a big part of St. Patricks day.

4) Tiger's Eye - Courage, Abundance, and Protection

Tiger's Eye is another wonderful crystal for St. Patrick's Day.  Tiger's Eye is another crystal that boosts your courage and grounds you.  Tiger's Eye is a bold and powerful crystal that has healing properties and balances toxic emotions.

Tiger's Eye is a powerful grounding stone for St Patrick's Day

Tiger's Eye is strongly tied to the third chakra, solar plexus, which is the center of personal confidence and power.   It helps you have confidence and empowers you to be courageous.  

The balancing and grounding impact of Tigers eye will be invaluable if you are out in a big St. Patty's party surrounded by chaos.  With your increased courage you will be prepared to boldly go and have fun.  If you have a hard time stepping outside of your comfort zone, Tiger's Eye can give you peace while doing it.  

If you want to avoid the toxic feelings of fear and self-doubt, having Tiger's eye will give you bravery and perseverance to go and enjoy the festivities. 

5) Selenite - Cleansing Energy

Selenite is one of the versatile crystal that brings wonderful cleansing energy to your space.  It is a crystal that we love to wear to keep a protective cleansing aura around you all day.

Selenite Bracelet to wear with you on St Patricks Day

 Selenite is an extremely high vibration crystal and produces immense energy to flood your field with light.  Selenite will help elevate your state of being and have you acheive a harmonious state.

 Selenite is all about clearing and positive energy and cleanses your energy field.  Most important, selenite blocks any dark or negative energy from entering your space.  It achieves this by flooding your space with positive energy leaving no  room for negative energy to manifest.

Selenite also has the ability to boost and cleanse any nearby crystal

If you going out on St. Patty's Day and want to have a good positive time, a Selenite Bracelet is a great accessory to wear.  

6) Rose Quartz -  

Rose Quartz is a tremendous crystal and one that we rarely leave home without.  Rose Quartz is a high vibration stone and the perfect compliment to Green Aventurine.  It is primarily a crystal tied to your heart and all things unconditinal love.

Rose Quartz Bracelet will open you heart on St. Patty's DayRose Quartz opens your Heart Chakra and allows you to form deeper connections and feelings.  It helps with personal contentement and spirtiual attunement.  It is a crystal that encourages peacefulness.

Rose Quartz helps with rebirth of hope and to give you faith to express your feelings.  It will dispel negative energy and suspicion.

(See our full write up on rose quartz here).

 If you want to go out and make new relationships or deepen existing ones, Rose Quartz is the ideal crystal to use.  You can almost immediately feel an intimate connection between the crystal and your heart.  There is a noticeable lightening and opening up of your emotions.  It is a truly wonderful stone to wear when going out with friends.

 Summary: 6 Crystals for Saint Patrick's Day

If you want to go out and have a fun time with friends, these are the 6 top crystals we recommend for St. Patty's Day.  All these stones help with luck, abundance, well-being, and confidence.  You can have 2022 be the best Saint Patrick's Day yet. 

Now go practice your brogues 'ye wee lassies'


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