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Crystal Grids 101 for Beginners

Dear Mama,

Are you ready to take your crystal game to the next level?  Master manifestation like the Bad Mother you are?  

Crystal Grids.

Yes, singular crystals are amazing for your energy, but you can combine crystals to further amplify and accentuate the powers of your stones.  

There are various techniques for a crystal grid, the more advanced ones involve an intricate designs using sacred geometry or an ornate alter.  However you can start with a much simpler grid and work up to these more advanced designs as you move to being a crystal expert.  

Let's dive in to this introduction to Crystal Grids:

Crystal Grids 101 For Beginners

Energy is funny.  

Do you have that 1 friend who just pumps the whole group up?  Like everyone it kind of low-key and sipping a drink having a good conversation, then Vanessa comes in and next thing you know the energy changes and everyone is 5 shots of tequila deep and your flirting your way to free drinks at the casino?  

Crystal grids amplify the energy of each crystal
Book Club was going great, then Vanessa showed up and now...I just want to dance all night WOOOOO

Yup, the right combination in the correct arrangement can really amplify everyone.  This is a time when 1+1 can equal 10.

Exciting right?  Lets dive in.

What is a Crystal Grid?

The name is pretty self-explanatory, but a crystal grid is laying certain crystals in a certain layout to amplify certain intentions and manifestations.

The key to crystal grids is understanding the whys.  If there is a reason for why the particular crystals were chosen, why they are in the design they are in, and why you are using the grid.  If the grid is set up thoughtfully and intentionally, then it can be a grid.  

Throwing all the crystals you own in a pile isn't a grid, and depending on the stones and the intention it can be counterproductive (so 1+1 is negative).

 How do Crystal Grids Work?

Crystal Grid's enhanced powers come from the the alignment of the energies of the crystals with your intentions.  Different grids interact with different crystals and help to enormously amplify your intention.

Even a step further, different shaped crystals can have different impact on the overall grid.  For instance, we love to use a crystal obelisk as the center piece of our grids.  Obelisks (or other points) help to direct the energy up through the point and into the universe.  This makes it more accessible to you.

The basics of a crystal grid is you place an intention in the middle, mark out crystals around it, then activate the grid with a piece of clear quartz.  Once activated, the crystals will continue to send their energy into the center stone, magnifying the energy and radiating it out into the universe for you.

If it helps, you can imagine it like any action movie trope where the bad guy is setting up a grid around a center point to focus the energy for the big super weapon.

Crystal Grids to focus energy to the center stone to empower and amplify your intention and manifestation
Crystal Grids are like giant world ending energy weapons by focusing energy from the peripheral stones into the center stone greatly amplifying your intention (Unfortunately, secret lair and a crew of henchmen not included Mama)


You then leave the grid set up for around a month to allow the energy to continue working for you and helping to manifest your intention. 

Why Should You Use Crystal Grids?

Putting your healing stones in these amplifying grids help to manifest your intentions faster and empower your affirmations to be more impactful.  You are able to combine many different energies and get a cumulative effect.

For instance, you can combine a protection stone like Black Tourmaline, a love stone like Rose Quartz, and a stone to amplify your fortunes like Green Aventurine.  By combining the 3 with a manifestation for love, you will get a much stronger impact.  The Rose Quartz will open your heart to unconditional love.  The Black Tourmaline will protect you from heartbreak and ground you to allow you to feel comfortable opening your heart up.  The Green Aventurine will help change your fortunes and bring new love in your life (it is both a luck stone and attached to the Heart Chakra).

That is powerful. 

How to Set Up Your First Crystal Grid

Crystal grids can be simple or complex.  The general way to set up a crystal grid is:

1) Center stone is something all encompassing like a clear quartz or if you are manifesting for a certain purpose, a stone with that energy. For instance, you Crystal Grid with Sacred Geometry could use the Rose Quartz in the grid above as it is the unconditional love stone.  If you have a written manifestation, you put it under the center crystal.

2) You surround the center stone with 4 complimentary stones which can  be more clear quartz.  These crystals link all the gems in the grid together and let the energy flow between your outside grid of intention crystals.  

3) Then you create an outside circle of intention stones.  You can mix these intention stones to get a combined effect.  This would be a mix of Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline, and Green Aventurine in the example above.

4) You can continue to add amplifying tones and intention stones in more and more complex layouts.

5) Take a Clear Quartz Point and point to each crystal connecting them all energetically.  You can recite your manifestation while doing this to make sure you are imbibing all the crystals with the same energy and aligning them.

Crystal Grid Activated, Now What?

You typically want to leave your active crystal grid up for at least 21 days.  It will continue to put positive energy into your area to help with your manifestations.  

We like to visit our grids during meditation and focus on our manifestation.

Crystals can help you align your energy and achieve your goals, but they won't do all the work.  You still need to work yourself in order to manifest your desires into actuality.

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