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Crystals to Help with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Mama,

2021 has been a unique challenge for many.  2022 may continue to bring similar challenges.  

We were reluctant to write about coronavirus due to how political charged the issue has become.  

Ultimately, we think that the benefits of advocating for a stronger immune system far outweigh the potential costs of the subject.

How do Crystals Help Your Immune System?

Your immune system's strength is directly tied to your body as a whole.  If you are stressed & tired your immune system will be no where near 100%.  Numerous studies have shown that increased systemic stress leads to lowered immune system function.  

To quote the UMMS:

"Stress can reduce the number of natural killer cells or lymphocytes in the body, which are needed to fight viruses"

Not getting adequate sleep has a similar impact on the immune system.  Getting 4 hours of sleep on just 1 night is enough to downregulate your immune system up to 70%

Harvard Health lists both managing stress & sleeps as a way to boost your immune system.  

Guess what one of the best rituals to incorporate into your life to reduce stress and sleep better?  Meditating with crystals.

Crystals are radiating with energies that can help realign you and meditation is proven to reduce stress, allow you to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper.

What if you have never meditated or used crystals before?

Don't worry Mama, we have introductions to both meditation and crystal basics for you.  You can get up to speed quickly on how to use both crystals and meditation and incorporate them in your daily rituals.


 What Crystals are best for Coronavirus?

Here are our top crystals to have if you are concerned about COVID-19.  These stones will help with your stress & help with your sleep which will not only allow you to function better in these trying times, but also boost your immune system and actually keep you better prepared to stave off any sickness.

1) Aquamarine - "The De-Stress Stone"

 Aquamarine is one of the strongest stress-relieving stones and had to be first on the list.  This is a stone with very high-frequency energy, and some people

Green Aquamarine is the best stone for destressing

can be overwhelmed as this helps release pent up stress, angry, and grief. 

However, the green color and association with the sea instills a sense of reassurance.  "Aquamarine" has Latin roots, and the name is translated as "water of the sea".  Like the soothing calmness of being near the ocean, this stone has similar relaxing effect over time.

Aquamarine is a wonderful stone to help let go of previous trauma and release things that no longer serve you emotionally.


The Heart Chakra is tied to the color green, and this stone will help with any energy blockages tied to grief over prior heartbreaks.  If you are still harboring heartache, it will absolutely affect your entire body.  

2) Amethyst - "The Sleep Stone"

Amethyst is such a workhorse of a crystal, it should be no doubt that it made the list.

Amethyst is a stone for healing, meditation, and relaxation.  Just look at it.  You can't help but feel more calm as you stare at the deep regal purples.

Additionally, Amethyst is one of the stones recommended for sleep as it is such

Amethyst Druse Heart is the perfect meditative stone to help you get to sleep

a powerful stone to help quiet an active mind.  We Mamas tend to have a hard time turning off the Mom Brain at night.  We keep Amethyst in our night stand and will have a quick meditative session with it.  It is the perfect way to get to sleep.

Amethyst is also a meditative stone and the purple + white means it helps connect your Third-Eye Chakra to your Crown Chakra.  This links your higher spiritual energy to your intuitive earthly energy, a very strong connection will help you manifest your desires.

Meditation works best when your mind, body, & spirit are aligned and free from outside influence, right?

Well, Amethyst does that too.  

Amethyst is well known for returning you to a state of equilibrium, particularly in chaotic situations.  We have all been dealing with life's twists and turns of sudden cancelation, closures, changes of plans, etc.  A piece of amethyst can help you return to a happy medium.

3) Caribbean Calcite - "The Calming Stone"

We love Caribbean Calcite.

It is a lesser known and lesser used crystal, but it is super powerful (and beautiful).

This crystal looks like the Caribbean beaches.  The colors go from a crystal

Caribbean Calcite the calming stone

clear light blue to sandy hues.  This patterning comes from the 3 sediments types that make up the stone, light Blue Calcite, white Aragonite, and light brown Aragonite.  Each one brings its own energy and combine into a wonderful energy.

Blue Calcite is a protective stone that helps strengthen your inner resolve.  White Aragonite helps you let go of troubles and is a great stabilizer stone as white is typically associated with your Crown Chakra and Aragonite associated with your Root Chakra.  Brown Aragonite is a Root Chakra stone that helps you with grounding and comfort.

Caribbean Calcite is peaceful stone with tranquil vibrations.

Just like a vacation to the Caribbean, sitting on a beach, and drinking a fruity drink is relaxing, working with Caribbean Calcite has similar impacts.

4) Lepidolite - "The Anti-Anxiety Stone"

Another stone that we love, Lepidolite is the quintessential anti-anxiety stone.  

Lepidolite Bracelet for Anti-Anxiety

This lavender colored crystal is tied to both the Third-Eye & Crown Chakra like Amethyst.  When a crystals energy hits both of these Chakras it has a meditative and calming effect.

However, what really makes this stone's energy particularly strong as an anti-anxiety crystal, is it contains lithium.  This is used in anti-anxiety medicine and really helps charge the crystal with calming energy. (don't worry, it isn't going to seep from the stone as if it was medication.)

Calming and lowered anxiety energy also makes this stone great as another bedtime stone.

Lepidolite is also commonly used for depression.  Depression makes you lethargic but hard to get restorative sleep.  Additionally, when you are emotionally depressed, it impacts your physical and spiritual and sets you up for more sickness.  

 Four Crystals to Help with Coronavirus

There you go Mama, our top 4 crystals to help with coronavirus.  

Harness the rejuvenating crystal energy to de-stress, sleep better, get to a calm restorative state, and lower your anxiety.  You should implement these crystals into your daily rituals to help you ultimately boost your immune system.





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