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Green Aventurine Crystal Spotlight

Dear Mama,

In this Crystal Spotlight, we are talking about a gorgeous green crystal that is known for health, wealth, and abundance.  


As with all Crystal Spotlights, we like to start with a little positive affirmation that fits with the Green Aventurine Crystal"

I consciously open myself up to the vast abundance of the Universe.

I welcome wealth and prosperity into my Life.

I create space for health and vitality

I radiate with positivity and will co-create success and welfare with the world that I share freely in the same way the world manifests opportunity for me


Green Aventurine Snapshot:

Nicknames: Gambler's Stone,

Description: Green with glitter and/or gold flecks

Supported Astrology Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, and Libra

Complementary Stones: Rose Quartz

Chakras: Heart Chakra

Essential Oil Pairing:  Spearmint & Chamomile

Energetic Vibration: Keep intentions in mind, Lucky Stone, Help with stress


Ways to use Green Aventurine:

We love Green Aventurine.  

This is considered the 'Opportunity Stone' and the luckiest of stones.  It is full of winning energy and can help in any situation you need additional luck and positive outcomes.  Traditionally, it is thought of as monetary fortune, but really it can be any situation you could use a positive outcome.

As part of bringing you good luck, Green Aventurine helps you move on from old patterns and new ways.

We love to use Green Aventurine when looking to make major changes in life.  This would be a great stone for New Year's Resolutions for example.

Green Aventurine has been noted as bringing a zest for life.  It can help start a positive flywheel in your life where a little luck helps you get a few wins.  Then you feel more positive and it leads to even more future success.  Each series of accomplishments encourages you to continue with more excitement.

Improved zest for life can lead to more confidence, courage, and happiness.

Green Aventurine is tied to the Heart Chakra and can drive good fortune when looking to open your heart and spreading unconditional love.

Green Aventurine's Appearance:

Green Aventurine is traditionally green and typically has golden inclusions running through it.  However, the color can range from a brown-reddish to blue.  This is dependent upon the amount of fuchsite particles in the quartz that make up the stone.  Different color Green Aventurine can contain pyrite, mica, dumortierite, and lepidolite.  

Green Aventurine in a Jar
Luck in a jar



 How to Use Green Aventurine?

How do we use Green Aventurine?  

New Year's time is a wonderful time.  As we are preparing for and then going through our manifestations for the year, we like to use Green Aventurine.  

It is particularly nice if you have some events from the previous year you would like to reverse or want some extra special luck & fortune in one area of life.

We have discussed the power of crystal grids for manifestation, and including Green Aventurine in your crystal grid with you New Year's resolution is wonderful.

Wrapping up Green Aventurine Crystal Spotlight

Green Aventurine is a wonderful crystal to have in your arsenal.  It is a powerful stone and one of the luckiest ones you can possess. 

The crystal is a beautiful green & gold and just radiates with fortune and luck.

Who couldn't use some extra luck?

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