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Introduction to Crystals for Moms 101

Dear Momma,

Crystals can be one of the most powerful tools to realign and recenter you, to calm and recharge you, to open your spirit and protect your emotions.

Let's face it, we Mommas are very attuned beings.  We can tell when something is bothering a friend, we can tell when something is wrong with our babies, and we can walk into a room and feel the vibes. 

We are all energetic beings, and Mommas gain additional superpower to really feel the energies given off of peoples, objects, plants, and the world.  If you are already receptive to crystal healing and just didn't know where to start or if you need to grab some Azurite to unlock your 3rd eye some more, this post will provide some basics for you.


What makes Healing Crystals Special?

Crystals are each unique, with their own energy built up over the thousands of years it takes for each to naturally form. Over the millennia, crystals capture the life-producing elements around us - harnessing the energy of the Sun, the Moon, the Oceans, and the Earth.

Crystals have been used across cultures for thousands of years in spiritual, religious, and healing practices.


Why the recent resurgence in crystals?

There has been a major increase in interest around healing crystals recently.  People are more frustrated, isolated, depressed, confused, and have extra time on their hands.  If this resonates with you, know that you aren't alone and many people are experiencing and working through the same emotions.  

The silver-lining is this experience has opened many people up to ideas and answers that they wouldn't have considered.  

"Nature Herself is the Best Physician"


The fact many people have discovered and embraced healing crystals to help solve their ills  when more mainstream avenues couldn't is wonderful as it shows a societal awakening.


How Should YOU Use Crystals?

People use crystals in a myriad of ways and there is no right answer other than using them in a way that resonates with you and fits with your day.  You should consider your crystals as allies in your journey, they are side-kicks that provide the extra to help you reach success, but they aren't going to do all the work for you. 

Picking Your First Crystal

You can choose crystals based on your own intuition or by searching for one for a specific intention.  We like to say "crystals are pretty", which is positively true, but doesn't fully reflect what we mean.  Your intuition will likely draw you to crystals that align with what you need.  When we were buying our first crystals, it was usually on a whim, and it would be a crystal that caught our eyes.  Only later would we look up what the gem was used for and find out it was exactly the energy we needed for what was going on in our lives.  

You can also do your research ahead of time.  If you want some help making meditation part of your daily ritual, you can find that Clear Quartz is a great beginner stone that contains pure healing energy to improve your spirit and help you on your meditation journey.

You really can't go wrong.

Crystals will physically last you a lifetime, and you can always re-energize old crystals and remove any negative energy to make them good as new.

Popular First Crystals

There are literally 100s of crystals, and if you want to get deep into it, there can be different results based on the crystals shapes, techniques used, and the state of your own chakras. 

Don't be overwhelmed.

For years we relied on intuition to pick our crystals and we naturally picked out many of the beginner crystals without knowing what we were doing (again, your intuition will guide you and you will tend towards stones that you can handle).

These crystals are Brilliant choices for you to start:

1) Citrine - All around a must-have type of beginner stone. This sun-infused stone radiates positive energy and doesn't accumulate any negative energy which makes it a low-maintenance first step into crystals.  This is one of the most powerful crystals for manifestations and brings abundance and luck.  Citrine is the perfect crystal for beginners radiating positive energy
2) Amethyst - Most people are aware of this beautiful purple stone, but don't sleep on it's power (that's a crystal joke - amethyst supports your subconscious while sleeping....that joke kills at crystal conventions).  This stone is great for meditating and tapping into your spiritual energies which many people need help with. Amethyst is used for healing and tapping into your unconscious mind, particularly while sleeping
3) Clear Quartz - If you want the 'swiss-army knife' of crystals, clear quartz is the most adaptable stone and can help clearing your intentions as well as be programmed for any purpose.  Only reason clear quartz isn't #1 is due to being absorbent and needing to be cleansed of negative energies collected over time.   Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile stones and is able to be charged with all types of energy
4) Hematite - This stone absorbs toxic emotions, worry, and stress.  This stone is hugely popular in today's climate and one of the strongest grounding stones Hematite is a great grounding stone for beginners that removes toxic emotion, stress, and worry
5) Green Jade - Another stone that helps with stress, but not through grounding like Hematite, but through creating stability and balance in physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.  Green Jade is a heart-centered stone that helps with stress through providing stability in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self

4 Different Common Crystal Finishes

 There are 4 main crystals are prepared which don't impact the energies radiating from the stone, but each of which adjusts the experience you can expect to receive while handling the stone. 

1) Raw / Uncut - This is the crystal in its more natural form.  Raw crystals can come in all sorts of sizes and being uncut and unpolished can leave them less vibrant than a more finished stone.  However, many people prefer stones in their natural state and even jewelry can be made from a run stone.   Citrine is the perfect crystal for beginners radiating positive energy
2) Cut - Crystals can be cut into many shapes for many purposes and the cut impacts the flow of energy from the gem.  Common cuts are points, wands, cubes, obelisks, pyramids, hearts, and spheres.  A spherical cut crystal will radiate energy out in all directions, whereas a pointed crystal will tend to focus energy in beam from the tip. Cut Citrine Gem - This Gem is cut into a point / obelisk / wand which results in a more focused beam of energy
3) Tumbled - Tumbled stones are smoothed and tend to be smaller - similar to shape and feel of rocks near a river or ocean.  These stones are perfect for carrying in a pocket or bag as a charm or to keep on you during meditation. Tumbled finish crystals tend to be smaller and smooth.  This allows for easy holding during practice or perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse.
4) Gem Finished - This is the most processed stone, being cut to gem grade and polished.  The process to make a crystal gem-finished is to try to maximize the light refraction to make the gem shine.  These types of stone are ideal for jewelry or as an expensive looking decoration.    Gem Finished crystals are made for jewelry and involve carving and polishing the gem to maximize light refraction ('shine')


Using Your Crystal

The use of the crystal will depend on the size, finish, and type of crystal You have.  You  can combine these facets to maximal effects.  For example you could get a small tumbled Black Tourmaline crystal to carry in your pocket to have its  protective energy with you while you go to a new experience.  But at home you could have a larger uncut crystal to radiate protective energies over your house.

Future posts will dive deeper into the different methods, but to get the creative mom brain energy flowing, here are some common uses:

  • You use crystals while meditating to help tap into your deeper subconscious and boost your spiritual and emotional energy
  • You use crystals to help unblock chakras and return to a more harmonious energetic balance 
  • You carry crystals to harness their energy throughout the day and to have the option to access them to ground yourself during difficult tasks
  • You use crystals in your home to assist in the positive energy flow and to have different energies in different areas of the house (creativity in your office and tranquility where you meditate)
  • You use crystals as part of your manifestation and affirmation process 
  • You can wear crystals in their natural or gem-finished state as jewelry to both capture the energy as well as a unique fashion piece

O.G. Momma Note: the first crystal I purchased was while designing my engagement ring.  This was before I had any interactions with crystals, but I fell in love with a stone he had available, uncharacteristically as I am a neutral color kind of gal and never a pink princess.  Only later in life did I discover I had chosen rose quartz as the centerpiece of my ring, a crystal that radiates both energy to help you attract new love (by helping you on your healing journey from prior heartbreak) and deepen unconditional love. 

My story is for another day, maybe we can share over some coffee, but suffice to say at that point in life I needed both energies and my subconscious pointed me towards a non-traditional stone perfectly.  Over the years we have gathered too many similar anecdotes to count from our ladies. ]    

Honestly, sometimes we just like how pretty a crystal is and enjoy looking at the natural brilliance.  Nature and Beauty in themselves create serenity.  There is really no wrong way to use a crystal's energy when You let your intuition guide you.

Wrapping Up

The world of crystals is vast and exciting but can seem daunting and quirky as you are just beginning your awakening.

You already have all You need to take the first step.  You have powerful intuition and You will be amazed to see how well your first few crystals were resonating the exact energies you needed in life.  The Authentic You  will be drawn to the vibrations needed to help empower you to live more as your True Self.


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