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Protect Your Home with Crystals

Dear Mama,

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home.

But sometimes the energy shift is palatable in your refuge.  What can you do to keep your family feeling safe and protected in your house?


Basic Home Protection with Crystals

A super effective and efficient way to make a protective grid across your home involves using Black Tourmaline and Selenite.  

Black Tourmaline is a protection stone that is powerful for purification and dispels negative energy.  It 

Black Tourmaline has the special property of becoming electrically charged just from heating or rubbing it.  (BTW - This makes Black Tourmaline an amazing stone for jewelry as the heat of your body and it rubbing as you move, charges the stone with electricity and helps to pass the protective energy back into you.

Black Obsidian can be use in place of the Tourmaline if you have it available.

Selenite is a cleansing stone that keeps an area clear and blocks residual energies from latching onto you.

You combine the powers of the 2 crystals in a 3-step process

3 Step Process to Harness Crystal Energy for a Safe Living Environment

1) Place at least 4 pieces of Black Tourmaline in the 4 Corners of your House

We really love using Obelisks or Pyramid pieces for this purpose as they direct energy up through the pinnacle which helps form an energetic net.

We say at least 4 pieces because if your house is L-shaped of has lots of juts and corners you may opt to place pieces in each of the carve outs.  

These pieces of Black Tourmaline set the protective boundaries that will keep negative energy out and protective energy in your house.


2) Place a piece of Selenite over all your external doors (and windows)

Selenite is a cleansing stone and one that disperses any lingering energies.

You want to place it in all your entry ways to ensure that as you enter, you get the cleansing energy and your aura gets cleared of any negative energy you picked up throughout your day.

The external doorways are most critical as that is where you will physically pass through on your way in and out of the house every day.  You want that cleansing energy to be draped over the doorway so you pass through it every time you enter your home.

If you have extra Selenite, you can place it on your windows as well so you don't have a leaking of residual outside negative energy.

Crystal Grid Sample for whole house protection


In the above image you can see a piece of selenite (red circles) over every window and door and a piece of black tourmaline (purple square) in the 4 corners.  This home is rectangle shape so a fairly easy set-up.

3) Activate your Home Protection Crystal Grid

Now that you have your stones set up you want to take a Selenite or Quartz Point (Obelisk, Pyramid, or Wand) and you want to activate your crystal grid.  You do this by stating your intention and then pointing at each stone in order.

Traditionally you start at the Northmost Black Tourmaline Obelisk in your house and work clockwise pointing to each piece of Selenite or Tourmaline on your way until you wind back at the Northmost piece.  However, if your intuition is directing you to do something different, do what feels right.

Smudging To Cleanse The Interior Of Your Home

Now that you have a protective crystal barrier, you may consider doing some smudging to get rid of any residual negative energy that was already inside your home.

We have written about smudging before and love it to remove any stagnate or negative energy lingering in your house.  (See our "Introduction to Smudging 101" Post).  

The cleansing smoke from burning the smudge material will clean your living space and the crystal grid will prevent any new negative energy enter.  You now have a wonderful interior space full of positive and neutral energy.

Conclusion - Protecting Your Home With Crystals

There you have it Mama.  You can set up a simple crystal grid to keep your home free of any negative energy entering.  Then you do the occasional smudge to help keep the energy inside positive and fresh.

You can easily place our crystals above door and window frames and have it be inconspicous so you don't have to answer questions from everyone who comes in.  We  have yet to have any of our guest notice and ask us about our crystal grid.

Living your best life starts with the home and having clean energy.  

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