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Rose Quartz: Crystal Spotlight

Dear Mama,

In this Crystal Spotlight, we are talking about a crystal that can help you get over prior heartache and open yourself up to allow unconditional love back into your life.

As with all Crystal Spotlights, we like to start with a little positive affirmation that fits with the Rose Quartz Crystal:

I love myself to my very core and essence
I forgive those who have hurt me in the past
I create space for a deeper unconditional love in my heart
I attract positive love into my life and repel negativity and toxicity
 I feel gratitude to those in my life for all the experiences I have gone through
 I love myself to my very core and essence

Rose Quartz Snapshot:

Nicknames: Stone of the Heart, Crystal of Unconditional Love

Description: Color can range from light pink to deep pink (almost red) with a cloudy translucence but varies greatly from crystal to crystal

Supported Astrology Signs: Taurus, Libra, and Scorpio

Complementary Stones: Green Aventurine & Tiger's Eye

Chakras: Heart

Essential Oil Pairing:  Rose & Ylang Ylang

Energetic Vibration: Love and Healing

Rose Quartz Meaning & Energy

Rose Quartz is the crystal for all things heart related and it flows with loving energy.  We can all make more space in our life for love and Rose Quartz will help you, whether it is a deeper romantic love, a closer familial bond, or healing from past heartbreak and trauma.  We are each at different stages in our journey and Rose Quartz is the stone of pure, unadulterated love that can help you along your path.  

Rose Quartz works with the Heart Chakra to awaken your Heart.  This awakening of the heart provides deep feelings of happiness and personal fulfillment. If you are struggling with your spiritual attunement to the Earth, Universe, and the Divine, you may have a block in your Heart Chakra.  Once your energy is flowing you will be able to deeply link your own heart to the hearts of others.

Rose Quartz's vibrations help cleanse the whole auric field creating a positive flow of energy between you and the universe.  It carries all the positive traits of feminine energy like compassion, tenderness, and healing.  When you achieve a positive auric transfer of energy and heal traumas of past relationships you will feel comfort and nourishment of your soul.  Rose Quartz promotes the dissolution of anger and resentment, dispelling of fear and suspicion, and creation of space to trust and love.

If you need a reawakening of your hope and love work with Rose Quartz. 

Rose Quartz Appearance:

Rose Quartz Heart is a beautiful pink crystal
Rose Quartz is a beautiful pink quartz that can range from a light pink to a dark pink with almost reddish hues. The pink color in the quartz primarily comes from dumortierite inclusions which give it the characteristic cloudy translucence.  However, smaller sections of the crystal can be clear and these can be used to cut for gems and achieve a more 'pink diamond' feel.  Rose Quartz is naturally found in large pieces which allows for a lot of variation based on how the crystal is cut and finished. 

How to Use Rose Quartz?

Rose Quartz is a versatile stone that you can use when meditating, as part of a crystal grid, or to carry everyday.

When meditating we like to hold the crystal central to our body and near our heart. You can feel the immediate connection it has to the heart when doing this as the healing energies envelope and rejuvenate your spirit. The Heart Chakra is the connection between your 3 lower and 3 higher chakras, and the energy can expand from the heart, throughout the body.  When Rose Quartz is near the heart, you will resonate with the stone’s energies of pure love.

 Rose Quartz BraceletOur favorite way to carry Rose Quartz everyday is to wear it as a bracelet.  The crystal can make you more attune to the presence of negative energies so they can be avoided.  It excels in attracting new love or deepening an existing love.  Romance and intimacy are developed when you can move pass past trauma and give yourself fully, which Rose Quartz helps with.

Rose Quartz isn't just for romantic love, it can be used to develop closer bonds with family and friends. Rose Quartz also inspires the love of beauty in all things.  If you want to appreciate nature or explore art, this crystal can help you find the beauty in life.  We wear our Rose Quartz bracelet if we are going to a show at the theater, a walk in the woods, or enjoying a dinner with our spouse.  It is truly that versatile of a stone.

Rose Quartz Obelisk is perfect for filling your house with loving energy

Rose Quartz Obelisks make for a perfect crystal to include in your crystal grid or to keep in your house to introduce a calm and loving aura.  If you want your family to have the deep, loving familial bonds you always dreamed of, the energy radiating from the obelisk can help.  Rose Quartz Obelisks are wonderful to set up with your intentions and they will stay there releasing all the positive energy into your living space.  If you have been having disagreements with your spouse or kids, or just in a funk, the healing of the crystal can help clear the negative energies of past conflict and help you move forward to healing and understanding with your loved ones. 

Wrapping up Rose Quartz Crystal Spotlight

What else is there to say about this beautiful pink crystal.  We truly believe that Love is the most powerful energy in the universe and if we all unlock our ability for unconditional love, we will not only unlock our own happiness but the entire world's.

"Love will not just heal your life or mine.  Life will heal the world"

-Marianne Williamson


We love all our Mamas out there.

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