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Welcome to Mom Brained. Crystals. Community.

First, why the name Mom Brained?

We want to re-define what mom brained means.  Gone are the days where having a mom brain means being forgetful, being disassociated, being in a funk.  

When we use mom brained we use it to mean Organized, Centered, Super-Powered.  

We want to empower you to break the stigma around mom brains.   We think tapping into the energy that resonates through crystals to recharge is going to help you stay centered.


Your health is important as a Mom.  

We at Mom Brained want to empower you to take back your zest for life.  

Crystals specifically chosen to help YOU revitalize your spirit.

Our blog (Mom-Brained Diaries) written to help YOU know how to detoxify your life and become better and healthier.

Thank you for joining our community.

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