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You Can Make Valentine's Day 2022 Your Best Ever

Dear Sisters,

Is there something missing in your love life? 

Do not let another unfulfilling Valentine's Day slip by with you going to bed unsatisfied.

What if there was a way to invite passion and love into your life?  Love deeper and unconditionally? Feel worthy of love and open yourself to happiness?

You can open your Heart Chakra and bring love and passion back into your life.

Yes, there is still time to make this Valentine's Day your best ever.

[O.G. Mama Note - We skipped our typical 'Dear Mama' intro for this Valentine's Day post.  Even though we use the term 'Mama' in the all encompassing sense of women of any age or stage of life, we wanted to be extra explicit here.  This post is for all our sisters]

Rose Quartz to Manifest Your Love Intentions

Rose Quartz is the crystal for unconditional love and unlocking your heart chakra

Rose Quartz is renowned for its ability to open your heart to loving intentions.  It works wonderfully whether you use a piece of Rose Quartz to focus your mind while meditating, set up a crystal intention grid to amplify the energy, or decide to wear a Rose Quartz bracelet so you have a constant connection to its energy.


How Does Rose Quartz Help Improve Your Love Life?

We are all energetic beings, and even in these earthly bodies, we radiate the cosmic energy of our spiritual selves.  As energetic beings in a Universe made of energy, any vibrations that we put out to the world get amplified and returned to us.  

If you can find alignment between your physical and spiritual self, and have Rose Quartz Obelisk is perfect for use in a crystal grid or for your meditation.your energy flow unimpeded between your Chakras, you can manifest any intention you have.  This high-energy flow state is where you are putting your true authentic self out to the world and the world returns what you need.

Rose Quartz helps you set and focus your intentions.  It is a high-energy crystal and by using it for your rituals it will help you align your being with your intentions, especially those intentions of the heart  

Using Rose Quartz in conjunction with setting intentions and meditating on them, you can manifest your ideal relationship into the physical world.  

How Does Manifestation Meditation Work?

Your mind doesn't know the difference between a thought and a memory.  Its why if you ever had a vivid dream, it can effect how you feel about a person or place for extended periods of time.  Your conscious mind may know it was a dream, but your subconscious feeling mind doesn't know the different.

This is similar to how meditation works.  (Need help getting started?  Read Meditation Introduction 101

You visualize and recite your intentions in a calm state and your subconscious mind starts to accept them as a reality.  We are powerful and intuitive beings, and many times women self-sabotage our happiness due to feelings of inadequacy or being undeserving.  Meditation and crystal work can help clear these negative energies and unleash our true potential. 

Can You Practice Manifestation Without Meditation?

Meditation is powerful, but we get not everyone is ready to incorporate it as part of their daily ceremony or carve out time in their day to make space for it.  

Rose Quartz Bracelet will keep the loving energy of the crystal with you all day

Luckily, you can still harness the power of Rose Quartz by wearing a bracelet featuring the stone.  

Rose Quartz bracelets will keep you surround by the loving energy of the stone and serve as a reminder of your journey to a higher love life. 

A Love Story Featuring Rose Quartz

We love the story of our friend who was wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet when she met her husband.  After a bad break-up, her Mother gave her a bracelet just like the one we have on our site and made her promise to wear it.  A few weeks later she was completely blindsided...

...By a car...yea, some guy totaled her brand new jeep... 

But after giving her statement to a local town cop, a voice behind her said "so are you one of those yoga girls or something?".  Not in the mood, she turned around looking to rip the guys head off.  But was blindsided a 2nd time, this time by love.

A Rose Quartz Bracelet may not be the conversation starter of your future husband like it was for our friend.  But it can be a reminder of your intentions.

Seeing the bracelet on your wrist and remembering your affirmations may be the needed encouragement to take a chance and you ultimately finding love.

Valentine's Day 2022 - The Best Is Yet To Come

We truly believe that no matter where you are in life today, you can start your journey to a fulfilling relationship.  Even if you were unceremoniously dumped and had to move back across the country to live with your parents, you can find the person of your dreams a few short months later...not that we know anything about that oddly specific scenario....

Using Rose Quartz crystals may be the missing piece to your success.  Worst case, you has a beautiful pink decorative piece.  Best case you find the power of crystals to help you manifest a life you want and deserve.





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