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Collection: Custom Coffee Labels & Unique Spiritual Items

Do You want the perfect gift for the coffee-loving Mamas in your life?  

We offer custom labels so you can personalize each bag to add that little extra loving touch.  Whether it be an inside joke for your best coffee mate, individualized names for office mates, or a loving personal message for your own Mama - we can make it happen for you.  We also offer bags in over a dozen colors and styles if you want to find a little extra pizazz.

Listen Mama, we know how hard it is to find the perfect gift.  Who wouldn't want a bag of the Universe's Best Coffee made specially for them and with a reminder on the label that You are loved.

  • Once a template is set up, we can even swap out names so each bag is unique. "To the Smith's, Thank you for attending our shower" - Yup, we can print one for each guest.
  • New baby for a young couple of coffee lovers? Grab the 'Big Momma' 5lb bag with a "Congratulations on little baby Harper".
  • Or maybe you just want a personal affirmation or joke to be the first thing you read in the morning-set your template and we can have a new intention waiting for you...

Email to talk to our in-house MoaD (Mother of all Designs) or contact us.


Finding Crystals and Spiritual Items 

If you are looking for a particular crystal or spiritual item and we don't have it listed, let us know.  We hand selected our current offerings and will continue to curate our collection to offer you high-quality crystals. If there is any particular stone you are looking for, contact us or email us direct ( and we will send our SoS (Sister of Searches) out to track it down.

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