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We would love for you to reach out to us directly, but realize most of our online shopping is done one handed while multi-tasking and holding a child too.  

Here are some frequently asked questions and helpful links for you

General Questions

Oh, sorry Mama, force of habit

Shipping & Returns

We get all of our orders in the mail within 24-48 hours and use 2-5 day Express Shipping try.

Please check out our Full Shipping Policy for more details.

We believe in putting out the energy your want the universe to return to you.  If you are unhappy with any aspect of the product or service, please please please let us know. We want to add positive energy to your life Mama. 

You can contact us through our contact form or email us directly ( is the personal mailbox of the O.G. Mama)

You can review our formal Return Policy .

We love that our foreign Mamas want to give us a try!!!  

Currently our standard shipping is only domestic.  However, if you reach out to us direction at we would love to see if we can make it work for you.

We are a boutique shop and have a reliance on our suppliers.  Despite our best efforts, there are times where we run out of an item and receive an order before we update our site. Therefore, there are times that we will have to put your order on backorder.  

We will reach out to you in the rare cases this might happen and work with you to find a solution.

Charitable Donations

As moms we know what it is like to give and we are charitable to our core.  We love the ease of making a small donation with your purchase to a wonderful cause to express gratitude for all we have.  So we offer you the opportunity to elect to donate to one of our chosen causes. 

This is purely optional on your part, and 100% of the amount you elect will be donated (after small transactional fees).

 O.G. Mama Samantha Note:  We try to never speak any negativity into the world, however, when we see companies using a 'percent of your purchase is given to a cause' it saddens us.  What that means is: 

1) The company overcharges EVERYONE on the product implying it is being donated 

2) Only a small amount of what they overcharge gets donated and they keep the rest as profit (usually pennies per order - ask and see if they will share)

3) Many of the charities they choose are large inefficient charities that only spend a fraction of donations on the actual cause. 

This goes against our ethos and we will never play this game with you ]

Crystal Selection & Variations

We would love to have a big shop you could all come to, sit down and chat with us over an amazing coffee, then browse through and select the crystal you love most.  

As an online store, the best we can do is hand selected our current offerings and continue to curate our collection to offer you high-quality crystals.  These are naturally occurring formations so there can be a wide variation in colors and patterns for a crystal type, even if the energy and use of the stones are the same.

However, if there is any particular stone you are looking for that we don't offer, or a different finish (tumbled loose stones, bracelets, pendants, pyramids, palm stones, etc), email us ( and we will send our SoS (Sister of Searches) out to track it down with one of our suppliers.