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Our Story


"When you know a person’s story- it’s impossible not to like them" 


For Moms

We work for You and with You in mind Mama. 

We are Moms and know how many decisions and tasks You have on Your plate.  You are a SuperMom ( no way me too!)  and we are going to provide the best products & service possible, albeit with a baby on our hip.  Mom Brained strives to make life better for You.  Every one of you deserve a little at home luxury. 

By Moms

Our team is a collective of Mothers, Sisters, Grandmothers, and Daughters that form our boutique, Mom-owned company.

We know what it takes to be a full-time Mom while also balancing careers and the host of other tasks that we are blessed to manage. Our O.G. Mama has a growing family, a full-time career, and manages the team. We find that each fuels our passion for helping other Moms present their most high-energy selves to the world everyday.

Healthier Moms

You are full of beautiful, high-vibration energy to share with the world Mama. The better You feel, the more authentic You can show up and when you radiate positive vibrations you are rewarded by the universe.  Manifesting and living your best life. 

Mom Brained made it part of our ethos to prioritize your health. By providing the highest-quality products & simple, practical tips - you can bring your best self physically, emotionally, and spiritually everyday.

Why the Name Mom Brained?

You create & nurture a life, devote yourself to a higher purpose & spend your time enriching your family.  The negative connotation around the term 'mom-brain' never sat well with us.  For one, being a Mom doesn't mean you need to be foggy, tired, and forgetful, and secondly, even if you stayed up all night with your child, it shouldn't be something that needs explaining. 

We wanted to take the term back and fill it with positive vibrations.  

Mom Brained RE-DEFINED: Organized, Centered, Powerful

We can help Moms resonate with this new definition by supporting Your journey to Your natural, high-vibration and strong self.

Crystals. Community.

You want to reach this Valhalla-like promised land of authentic high-energy living...'Momhalla' if you please...and we want to help You get there.  We want to be your metaphorical Valkyries..."ValkyrMommies"?.

Momhalla - the state of bliss a mother feels when in a flow state.   When Mama is organized, aligned, and full of energy.  Mom Brained will be your Valkyrie to go to the Valhalla of Motherhood



Healing Crystals to help you tap into the energy around you, unblock your internal energy flow to radiate with Your true, high-frequency, authentic self.

A Community of supportive, like-minded Mamas who resonate with your goals and want to help you manifest your intentions for the life you want to live.  We have our Mom Brained Diaries (blog), where we freely share all of our collective knowledge.



Welcome to Mom Brained And Thank You!!!

Truly.  We Love You Mama.  The light in us reflects the light in you . Just knowing you took the time to visit our little site fills us with joy and makes us do a happy dance.  (Yes, we do celebrate with happy dances a lot here)